Message from the Chief

As the Alamogordo Fire Department closes out another year, I am honored to report the Alamogordo Fire Department continues to move forward with success. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. As I look back at the last twelve months, this quote is a perfect representation of the men and women of the Alamogordo Fire Department. Throughout 2019, no matter what the task, or the struggle, the Alamogordo Fire Department always stayed together showing true team work, came out on top due to being on the same page and always worked together towards one common goal, being successful. It is truly my privilege to be part of such an exceptional organization, and I truly enjoy every day as I get to work with these professionals!

The Life of an Alamogordo Firefighter

The Alamogordo Firefighters are the back bone of the department. These men and women work continuously throughout the year training approximately two hours a day, conducting an average of seven fire inspections a day, assisting with the testing of 25,000 feet of fire hose, assisting with the testing of all ladders in the AFD inventory, maintaining 1,750 hydrants a year, assisting with all SCBA pack flows, SCBA cylinder hydrostatic testing, pump testing all the apparatus in the AFD fleet, Inspecting a total of 1800 businesses annually, and still have time to give fire extinguisher classes, and provide fire prevention classes to the public, businesses and civic groups in our community.

Mission Statement

“We the City of Alamogordo Fire Department, are committed to providing everyone in our diverse community with the most effective, efficient, and professional services attainable at the lowest cost possible. We promise exceptional fire protection, fire prevention, emergency response, emergency and disaster management and planning, and code enforcement possible. We promise to be committed and diligent in the preservation of life, the environment, and property."

Administrative Chiefs

Fire Chief Richard Adler

Richard Adler

Deputy Chief Jerry Ramirez