Outdoor & Recreational Fires

Use the following resources for safe outdoor and recreational fire techniques and practices:

Smokey Bear's Campfire Safety Steps

  1. Build fire in areas away from overhanging trees and on flat ground.
  2. Clear area of all leaf and woody debris.
  3. Ring your fire area with rocks.
  4. Keep your fire small.
  5. Never leave fire unattended.
  6. Have water and a shovel on hand.
  7. Put out the fire at first signs of increased winds and change in wind direction.
  8. To put out the fire: drench the fire with water, stir and drench again, stir ashes, drench under and around your ring of rocks.
  9. "Cold Trail" with the back of your hand, touch the entire fire area for heat. Drench the fire again until the fire is dead out. 

Apply for a Burn Permit

  • Burn Permit (PDF)

* All burn permits MUST be printed out and filled out by hand and turned in to Fire Station-1 

Code of Ordinance--Fire