Water Sampling

What Water Quality Sampling Stationare those blue boxes popping up around the city?

Residents may have noticed 30-inch-high blue boxes popping up along the side of roads in Alamogordo. It is part of the Utilities Department's updated way of testing water throughout the city. The City of Alamogordo Utilities Department is committed to providing residents quality drinking water. As part of this commitment and to improve access to water testing, the Utilities Department is installing 60 new water sampling stations across the city's water distribution network. The sampling stations are being installed outside in residential and business areas in the public right-of-way.

Why is the city installing these new water sampling stations?

To meet the water quality sampling requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the city must complete a certain number of water samples to maintain quality and ensure the safety of the city's drinking water. The city was required to identify the number and most appropriate locations for the sampling stations in the city's water distribution system. Key decision-making factors included water demand, age, population, public facilities, and pipe materials. The currently registered sampling locations have existed for over a decade. A revision to the Total Coliform Rule was enacted on April 1, 2016, in which the city was required to add 20 additional sampling locations. Utilities Department Water Production Operators collect nearly 2000 water samples annually throughout these 60 locations. Previously, water samples were collected directly from public and privately owned buildings and residences. This method relies on a dwelling's internal plumbing system and occupancy and has to be conducted during business hours, which is not the ideal way to collect a sample. The new sampling stations provide operators with a true representative sample of the distribution system. They permit uninterrupted access during normal business hours and emergencies, making the collection of water samples accessible and efficient.

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