Residential Report Missed Pickup

If a driver simply misses picking up your garbage or recycling or yard debris, please call Disposal Corp at 575-434-1109 . You will be instructed as to when the garbage will be picked up. 

Missed Pickups Due to Bad Weather

If roads are icy and unsafe for trucks to navigate, Southwest Disposal Corp may not be able to cover all routes.

Holiday Schedule Changes

Southwest Disposal Corp does not collect garbage on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Day. If your normally scheduled pickup day falls on one of these holidays, collection will be the following day.

Collection for the rest of that holiday week will be one day later also. For example, if your scheduled pickup day is Thursday, and that is Christmas, then your items will be collected on Friday. If your normal pickup day is Friday, and Thursday was Christmas, items will be collected on Saturday.

Questions about schedule changes? Click here or call Disposal Corp at 575-434-1109.