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The purpose of comment-enabled sites is to facilitate a polite and constructive dialogue between the City of Alamogordo (and its departments, divisions, mayor) and its constituents on matters of public interest. To further this purpose, the public is permitted to comment on posted items. However, comments must not hinder or distract from useful discussion. These sites are intended for the benefit of their users, and any inappropriate or offensive material will detract from its purpose.  In regard to monitoring of social media, the City will adhere to a strict policy and reserves the right to reject or remove Third-party comments, posts, photos, etc., from residents, businesses, and the like if the content of a post is:

  • Is off-subject or out of context
  • Contains obscenity
  • Contains personal identifying information or sensitive personal information
  • Is threatening, harassing, or discriminatory
  • Incites or promotes violence or illegal activities
  • Contains information that reasonably could compromise public safety
  • Advertises or promotes a commercial product or service or any entity or individual
  • Promotes or endorses political campaigns or candidates