Street Maintenance

Click the links below to learn more about our 5-year street maintenance plan, check out the map of all the streets that have recently been paved, or are on the list to be paved by 2025, as well as an easy way to report potholes!

The Streets Maintenance Division

Streets Maintenance is responsible for most street and alley related maintenance including but not limited to concrete and asphalt repair, sign and street marking maintenance, street sweeping, alley and dirt road maintenance, and even some City building construction and demolition.

The Street Maintenance Department completed 1444 work orders for sweeping, 1060 work orders for pothole patching, 256 work orders for street sign maintenance, 5 work orders for street striping, and 1 work order for raised pavement markers, and purchased and laid approximately 205 tons of Hot Mix Asphalt, in 2017.

The Street Maintenance department was also involved in the demolition of the old Monkey Cage building at the zoo, which was completed within a short time frame, safely and at a significant cost savings to the City over contracting the work.

The Street Maintenance Department also designed, and with help from the Drainage Department constructed the Washington Park Covered Stage which considering its complexity was completed within a short time frame, safely and also at a significant cost savings to the City over contracting the work. The Street Maintenance Department also purchased and installed a Cart-A-Way Concrete Plant in the Public Works Yard. This plant will be used by all Public Works crews in order to save time and cost with small concrete projects and repairs.

This department of 7 full time regular employees plus 1 Manager, who also manages 3 other departments, completed a total of 3106 work orders in 2017.

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Street Maintenance Plan
Street Maintenance Plan Map
  1. Streets, Weeds and Drainage

    Physical Address
    2600 N Florida Avenue
    Alamogordo, NM 88310

    Phone: : 575-439-4390
    Fax: : 575-439-4388

Street Maintenance 2018 Facts

Winter 2021 NMDOT Project in Alamogordo

NMDOT is planning to improve the intersection at White Sands Blvd & Indian Wells Rd. by realigning the intersection, upgrade traffic signals, and sidewalks to meet the American with Disability Act Standards Act.  This project will improve ingress and egress configurations to local businesses in the area as well.  This is a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) project

 The work is expected to start in February 2021.  Additional notice and information will be sent out from the NMDOT closer to the start of the project.  Once the project begins it will be added to the NMDOT District 2 project webpage at

This is a major project in a busy intersection and will have to be accomplished in phases so that the entire intersection is not closed down, which in turn increases the time that it will take to complete.

NMDOT Improvement Project at WS Blvd and Indian Wells