The Purchasing Department assures that all purchases, bids, and requests for proposals (RFPs) are awarded according to City procurement regulations and the State procurement code. The Purchasing Department is appointed to administer and review the entire Purchasing Ordinance rules to maintain the integrity and offer assistance to all departments/divisions within the City organization. The Purchasing Department oversees the Central Warehouse, which provides departments and divisions with an inventory of in-house stocked supplies.

The procurement of goods and services plays a critical role in government and the Purchasing Department continues to assure fairness in the procurement process, ensuring that the City receives the best value for each tax dollar spent.  The Purchasing Department provides a purchasing system that ensures integrity and fairness, to oversee the purchases of the City, the City's solicitations, and disposal of the City's surplus property.

Mission Statement

To provide efficient procurement services for the City while ensuring compliance with the City's Purchasing Ordinance and State statutes.

City of Alamogordo Auction Items

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Public Notices

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

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Central Receiving Warehouse

This department is a division of Purchasing and includes 90% of the Central Receiving salary and benefits.  Central Receiving maintains inventories for City supplies and materials for departments throughout the City; however, it is estimated that the bulk of inventory is related directly to the Utility Fund and, therefore, the bulk of expenditures for salaries and benefits is charged directly to the Water & Sewer Fund.

Because of the extensive inventory dealing with the water & sewer departments, the warehouse supervisor and attendant maintain training in all aspects of new and developing products and techniques associated with water and sewer products. This keeps the warehouse inventory at its most functional capacity.

Inventory in the warehouse averages $600,000.  The 2020 Fiscal Year-End inventory ratio was .002.  National Average is .05.