City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney’s Office is dedicated to being accessible to citizens and providing transparent and timely responses. Should you wish to speak to the City Attorney about a concern, please feel free to email, or call for an appointment as her schedule is unpredictable.

Mission statement

The Office of the Alamogordo City Attorney is committed to providing the most ethical, honest and timely legal services to the City, its elected officials and employees, as well as addressing the concerns of the citizens of Alamogordo professionally and with care.

Private Citizens & Legal Matters

The City Attorney's office does not represent private citizens in private legal matters involving the City or otherwise.

Department Description

The City's legal department is the legal advisor to the City Commission, to various City boards, committees and to the City administration and departments. The City Attorney's Office is committed to providing professional, quality legal services that ultimately protect the interests of the City of Alamogordo, its departments, the City Commission, and the citizens of the community. The City Legal Department function includes:

  • Coordinating claims and proceedings with the New Mexico Self Insurer's Fund
  • Preparing and monitoring liens and release of liens
  • Preparing and reviewing all contracts related to the City of Alamogordo for compliance with the City's Purchasing Ordinance, State law and Federal law
  • Promptly and efficiently handling all inquiries and complaints from the general public either by phone, email, written correspondence or in person in regards to the City of Alamogordo's ordinances, policies and procedures
  • Prosecuting all municipal ordinance violations
  • Providing day-to-day legal advice and counseling to the City Commission, the City Manager, administrative staff, boards, and committees and the various departments, divisions and staff of the City of Alamogordo
  • Representing the City of Alamogordo in all courts

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